Tyron Woodley Still Believes He’s A ‘Nightmare’ For Kamaru Usman

Tyron Woodley may have a loss to Kamaru Usman, but his confidence hasn’t wavered.

Woodley and Usman did battle back in March at UFC 235. Going into the bout, Woodley was the UFC welterweight champion. Usman ended up turning in a brilliant performance, shutting out Woodley for five rounds to capture the 170-pound gold.

Woodley Still Believes He’s Better Than Usman

Speaking to fans during a Q&A session, Woodley made it clear that he still feels he can best Usman (via MMAFighting.com).

“Kamaru Usman skill set wise on paper, I’m a nightmare for him every day of the week,” Woodley said. “What happened in the Octagon is one, I never make excuses. I walked into four world title fights with the weight of the world on my back, personal issues, injuries, I never healed from the injury before, but you guys never hear about that but the second I go out there and I fight and I’m not the characteristic Tyron Woodley that you see, immediately it’s music that’s distracting me. It’s movies that’s distracting me.

“I’ve been doing this same thing forever, you guys just never hear about it.”

Usman is scheduled to defend his welterweight gold against Colby Covington at UFC 245. The bout will take place inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec. 14.

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