Saturday, December 4, 2021

Tyson Fury Rewards Cutman For Work on Eye Against Wallin

Tyson Fury pulled off a win last weekend when he faced Otto Wallin. However, when Fury received a nasty cut over his right eye that could have cost him the fight. This is where Fury’s cutman; Jorge Capetillo put his skills to the test.

Fury would win by decision but when fighters appear as damaged as Fury did; there will always be speculation about how the judges decided it. Fury had a hero in Capetillo who earned a bonus from Fury after doing solid work on what Capetillo says is the worst cut he has ever seen in a clip from TMZ. When appearing on The Last Round podcast, Capetillo elaborated on why Fury likely felt like rewarding him for his composure when the cut happened and not causing any alarm in Fury’s corner.

The Last Round podcast

“In the corner, one of my jobs is to be confident,” Capetillo said, “be confident that I was taking care of the cut.” He added, “I never showed that I was out of the control of the situation. I was composed, I was calm, I was just focused on controlling the bleeding and he felt that too.” He said he was met with an embrace the Sunday after the event and Fury was gracious for his work, hence the bonus he received.

Fury’s victory from Saturday night lines him up to face Deontay Wilder again for their rematch. The last time the two men faced each other they went to a draw. Wilder faces Luis Ortiz in Las Vegas November 23, and if he gets past Ortiz, they are sure to meet again. That gives Fury just enough time for his cut to heal up and prepare for a rematch where both men are likely to not repeat a draw at the end of the fight.

Chances are Capetillo will be in Fury’s corner for that one too.

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