Sunday, March 7, 2021

CM Punk: I Could Fight in the UFC Again If I Wanted To

CM Punk is aware that his UFC fighting days are likely over, but not for the reason you might think.

Following CM Punk’s second loss in the UFC, falling to Mike Jackson via unanimous decision at UFC 225, Dana White claimed that with an 0-2 professional record, the door was closed for another Octagon appearance for CM Punk.  In an appearance on “Collider Live,” CM Punk doesn’t believe that door is quite as shut as originally thought, in spite of what White may publicly say:

“I don’t know. That’s another thing about me: I’ll never say never,” Punk said. “I doubt I’ll fight in the UFC again. I’ve had these conversations with Dana. But he says stuff to the media, but then he’ll say something different to you in person. But I’m still great friends with him, great situation.

“I think if I went to him, I was like, ‘Hey, can I get a third fight?,” I think he would say yeah. But I haven’t done that.”

CM Punk lost his debut in emphatic fashion to Mickey Gall in 2016, getting submitted in the first round before being dominated by the then 0-1 Mike Jackson last year. Punk is aware that he did things the unconventional way by beginning his career in the UFC. And now, at 40 years of age, Punk believes the unconventionality of his career may very well continue until his retirement:

“A big part of me was like, ‘OK, I’m 0-2.’ Like, if I fight, I should fight somewhere else: do everything backwards: start in the UFC, and then work your way back down, and then end in amateur.”

Do you believe CM Punk will ever have another mixed martial arts fight again anywhere?