Former Jackson-Wink MMA Coach: Jon Jones Did Everything He Could To Sh*t On Me & My Family

Frank Lester, who once served as a striking coach for Jackson-Wink MMA, is speaking out on his money issues with Jon Jones.

Lester took to social media and claimed that Jones “screwed” him out of over $13,000 for his last UFC light heavyweight title defense against Thiago Santos back in July. Jones responded, saying he’d never agreed to pay a newer coach that amount of money nor would he balk on payments.

Frank Lester Doubles Down On Comments Towards Jon Jones reached out to Lester, who provided a text group chat which he views as “evidence” that backs his money claims. Lester said that Jones tried putting himself and his family in a rough spot as he came up $2,200 short on costs to purchase a house.

“(Jones) did everything he could to s*it on me and my family,” Lester told MMA Fighting on Tuesday.

The former Jackson-Wink MMA coach went on to say that Mike Winkeljohn gave him an ultimatum in no uncertain terms.

“Out of nowhere, coach Wink goes, ‘Well, you can take the seven grand and shut the f*ck up or you can leave,’ Lester said. “I said, ‘Well, I’m going to walk out the f*cking door because what you’re telling me is f*ck my wife, f*ck my two kids, and f*ck me.”

Jones’ manager Abe Kawa denied Lester’s claims.

“He’s never underpaid a coach before,” Kawa said. “Frank is the first one to say so, and Frank got fired, so that might be why.”