Wednesday, May 18, 2022

James Vick Releases Statement On UFC Tampa KO Loss

James Vick was moving up to welterweight at UFC Tampa with his back against the wall. He was on a three-fight losing streak with two of those losses coming by knockout.

In his fight against Niko Price, he had some early success and even was ground and pounding him. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Price threw an upkick that knocked James Vick out cold.

Following the loss, he took to Instagram to release a statement.

“Been a couple of days reflecting on everything. I remember a few yrs ago after I had my first loss in the UFC my brother @lockloadedmma sent me this. It is definitely meaning alot to me right now. During this camp I focused so hard on fixing some of the technical issues I have had in the past. Especially keeping my hands up. And I feel I have made significant progress in those areas. Then I go out and get caught with a up kick such a low percentage move and super embarrassing to get hit with that. Props to my opponent @hybridufc for being able to land that type of move in high level fight. Much respect to you.” James Vick wrote in a message on Instagram. 

“To the people who support me thank you so much and the ones that don’t I don’t really care. I am going to continue to be me. I am Texas born and raised. A lifelong hunter and outdoorsman so I will continue to hunt and fish and post pictures of this kind of stuff so if this is something you hate then please just unfollow me. I am home now with minimum damage. My CT scan was negative. My lip is busted up and probably have a MCL torn in my right knee from landing on it weirdly. I am at home with my son and family and am at peace at the moment looking forward to the holidays with them. What the future holds only God knows but I have to much to be thankful for and a son that looks up to me to be negative and allow this stuff to keep me down. Thanks to all and God bless.”

Whether or not James Vick gets another fight in the UFC is to be seen. But, he is currently healing up from his injuries and will go from there.

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