Saturday, August 20, 2022

Tyron Woodley Explains What Went Wrong For Ben Askren At UFC Singapore

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has chimed on what he thinks went wrong for Ben Askren at UFC Singapore.

Woodley and Askren are longtime friends and training partners. “The Chosen One” was in Singapore serving as a desk analyst for Askren’s bout against Demian Maia earlier today (Oct. 26). Things didn’t pan out for “Funky,” as he was submitted in the third round.

Woodley Gives His Take On How Askren Lost

Speaking to Karyn Bryant during the UFC Singapore post-fight show on ESPN+, Woodley said there were some things Askren could’ve done to avoid the defeat.

“The thing about Ben, when I was looking down there yelling and screaming, if he would’ve thrown overhand rights and got his head off-line he would’ve been able to access the right leg of Demian Maia,” Woodley said. “If he would’ve thrown that shovel uppercut and got his head off-line, he would’ve avoided those punches, he would’ve got close to the front leg which from a southpaw is gonna be his right leg. Getting to the back leg of Demian Maia is very difficult and when you go back there it’s a huge risk that you have to take, and I think that when you go for it with your head down and you’re trying to go for those strikes you put yourself in jeopardy.”

Woodley went on to say that Askren’s confidence in escaping bad situations may have cost him against Maia.

“As I said before, Ben likes to put himself in harm’s way because he knows he’s confident in getting out of it,” Woodley continued. “This time he didn’t get out of it. I think he’ll go back home, I think he’ll look at the film and I think he can get back on the horse.”

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