Friday, October 7, 2022

Wanderlei Silva Wants Vitor Belfort Rematch In Bare Knuckle

Wanderlei Silva has reportedly signed with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. He now has his first opponent in mind in Vitor Belfort.

Silva was interviewed by and wants to rematch Belfort.

“Regarding Bare Knuckle, I was invited to make an appearance there,” Silva said. “I was invited to watch [Antonio Bigfoot Silva’s] fight against [Gabriel Gonzaga]. They have very interesting numbers. I think I finally found the perfect stage to solve all my sporting feuds. Only in the arm, only in the hand, in boxing without gloves.

“I’ll launch the challenge I wanted to do there at Bare Knuckle. I sent an audio to one of the promoters. They are offering a hefty, awesome money, more than I’m earning. I told him I really wanted to fight. But with one guy in particular. I would accept to fight if it were with Vitor Belfort. In the dry hand, five rounds, two minutes, boxing alone. I want to see now if he is a man himself or if he will run. We found the right place to solve one of MMA’s oldest rivalries. ‘What’s up, Vitor? Are you going to run or run?’”

The two first fought back UFC Brazil in 1998 where Belfort knocked out Wanderlei Silva in just 44 seconds.

Currently, Vitor Belfort is signed with ONE Championship so the odds of this fight happening in Bare Knuckle seem unlikely.

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