Sunday, December 4, 2022

Chael Sonnen Explains Why Nick Diaz Is A Bigger Fight Than Nate For Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal appears to have options for his next fight. There is the possibility he rematches, Nate Diaz, fights for the welterweight title or takes on Nick Diaz.

According to Chael Sonnen, the biggest fight for him is the Nick Diaz fight.

“You know what, simple economics,” Sonnen said on ESPN Radio of a possible Nick Diaz vs. Masvidal clash (h/t “The law of supply and demand. The greatest law in all of economics says that if you don’t have very much Nick and you can get a Nick one time, that that’s more valuable than Nate a third time. So I think that it’s great but I also think that you really can’t redo that story. I mean I’d have to go back to what? It was Tito Ortiz that fought Frank Shamrock, so then big brother Ken’s gonna step in and make things right.”

Although Chael Sonnen believes Nick Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal is the bigger fight, he knows a Nate Diaz rematch is still big.

“We don’t have to get into the X’s and O’s,” Sonnen continued. “Just for fun right now, I think Nick would be the bigger fight. Don’t forget, I’m not insulting Nate. Nate just sold out Madison Square Garden, had the rocking attendance, had the President in attendance. I’m not slighting Nate but don’t you agree with me? I mean come on, there would be something special if big brother stepped in to get redemption for little brother.”