Thursday, December 8, 2022

Chael Sonnen Reminisces On Basement ‘Fight’ With Georges St-Pierre

Chael Sonnen has taken a look back at his basement workout, or “fight” with Georges St-Pierre.

Sonnen has praised St-Pierre over the years. In the past, he’s recognized St-Pierre as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. The two also share the belief that a same-day weigh-in system would benefit the health of fighters who are cutting weight.

Sonnen Recalls Basement “Fight” With GSP

During an interview with Bloody Elbow, Sonnen was asked who was the most awesome “killer” he’s ever faced. “The American Gangster’s” answer is a man who he never competed against officially.

“I’ve fought Georges St-Pierre in a basement, in California, 2014. That was the best fighter I’ve ever taken on. It’s a long story, but Kenny Florian set up the workout. And he said, ‘Hey, Georges is in town, do you want to work out tonight?’. And I said ‘Yes.’ But, I didn’t know he meant GSP—everybody calls GSP, GSP. Kenny sent me a text that said ‘Georges is in town’.

Anyway, that was it. I showed up at the basement and there is St. Pierre. And I do remember leaving that day and thinking, ‘You know, that guy is special. That guy is different than other people.’ And he had that strength, like that remarkable strength. And I never heard his opponents talk about that. I never heard his opponents talk about how strong he was, which surprised me, because it was… remarkable. Very strong man.”

Both St-Pierre and Sonnen have retired from the world of MMA. St-Pierre still trains with others at Tristar Gym, while Sonnen serves as an analyst for Bellator and ESPN.