Monday, December 5, 2022

Chuck Liddell Doubles Down On Being Able To Beat Mike Tyson In A Fight

Chuck Liddell recently came out and said he would beat Mike Tyson in a street fight.

“In a street fight, I’d win,” Liddell told Ed Mylett. “I mean, he’s got a puncher’s chance. He’s got a chance to catch me coming in. But other than that, it’s over.”

Now, after much backlash, Liddell doubled down on those comments.

“Look 1) I’m talking about when we were fighting. 2) I’d take him down so he’d have one show on my way in. 3) I’m a big fan of mike and have no desire to fight him. But, hypothetically speaking, when we were fighting, yes I would’ve beat him,” Liddell wrote.

“I remember Tyson and I’m a huge fan of his but I’m not sure why biting Holyfield’s ear off makes him a better street fighter or better at stopping takedowns,” he added.

Finally, Liddell made a claim that Tyson wouldn’t last three minutes.

“He won’t get three minutes I’d shoot right away. He had no ground training or takedown defense training at all. So he’d have to catch me on the way in or he’d never get off the ground period!,” Liddell added.

No one would ever know how this fight would go.