Monday, October 25, 2021

Coach: Jorge Masvidal Was Robbed by UFC 244 Finish

Jorge Masvidal turned in a spectacular performance at the expense of Nate Diaz in the UFC 244 main event earlier this month, but even though he got the win, Masvidal’s coach Dan Lambert feels that he was cheated by the way the fight ended.

The UFC 244 headliner indeed had a controversial finish when a cut to Nate Diaz brought the contest to an abrupt end. Up until the stoppage, Masvidal was running away on the judges’ scorecards, having shutout Nate Diaz heading into the fourth round. The fact that Masvidal was prevented from giving the fans a definitive finish to the bout is lamented by American Top Team coach Dan Lambert (Via LowKick MMA):

“I mean, as a fan, I would’ve liked to have seen it go longer just like anybody would have,” Lambert told Jon Fuentes of“I think Jorge is the one who got robbed on that stoppage because I think it stopped Jorge from getting the opportunity from getting the finish,” Lambert said.

“Jorge wanted to finish the fight. I know Nate is a beast and he wasn’t ever going to quit, but I don’t think that fight was turning anytime soon in a fourth or fifth, sixth or seventh, or 90th round. I think Jorge was going to keep doing what Jorge did until that fight was over.”

The fact that Nate Diaz and his supporters disagree with the notion that Masvidal would have continued winning the fight is what makes the stoppage all the more bitter for many to digest, as there is no definitive way to know. This fact alone brings down a dark cloud upon what was a dazzling Gamebred performance.

Do you agree with Dan Lambert? Was Jorge Masvidal cheated by his UFC 244 fight against Nate Diaz ending the way it did?

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