Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Darren Till Says It’s A 70% Chance Tyson Fury Fights In MMA

Darren Till has been training with Tyson Fury in MMA and video came out of the two of them sparring.

For Till, he says the sparring session went well and was surprised how hard Fury trained.

”I thought to myself, he’s gonna come and learn a few techniques and that’s it,” Till said to BT Sport (via MMA Mania). “He said to me when we were starting, ‘I’ve come to train hard.’ I was like ‘Okay then.’ He’s come to train, he’s gonna get some training. You’ve seen the video. So I said ‘Tyson, I’m gonna teach you what I think you need to know about MMA. You’re considering this. I’ll teach you what I think you need.’

”So we started off with some warmups Coach Mike the wrestler always teaches us. I got him involved in some sprawls and shadowboxing and we went into sparring pads. We done a hard hour, I swear, a hard hour. And after he was chatting with me about the mental side of things, what he went through and stuff like that. I swear, that guy’s got a rock-solid mentality. Unbelievable mentality. I thought mine was strong. The stuff that came out of his mouth was next level.”

Not only did Tyson Fury train hard, but he said he wanted to fight in the UFC and do MMA. According to Till, he believes there is a good chance he fights in MMA.

”I think it’s about 70/30. 70 yes, 30 no,” Till said. “You gotta remember boxing to MMA is very different as well. He’s making a lot of money, he’s a top-three heavyweight. I’d love to see it for the entertainment factor. It’s all about the entertainment and whoever he gets – maybe Stipe wants to fight him and probably thinks he can box him. I don’t think so. But I hope so. But maybe I’d be in on a little percentage of that as Coach Till. We’re the same management, we’re both MTK so no matter what I’m just supporting him, I’m supporting my team.”