Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Diego Sanchez Says He’s A Free Agent But Negotiating With The UFC

Diego Sanchez is a free agent after all, but he is looking to re-sign with the UFC.

Dave Leduc said on the Joe Rogan Experience that Sanchez reached out to him to express interest in a Lethwei fight. Yet, “The Nightmare” clarified that on The Luke Thomas Show.

“Listen, ‘done with the UFC’ never ever was spoken out of the words of my mouth,” Sanchez said (via MMA Junkie). “But, as far as being done with my contract, and I assume that is the misinterpretation that Dave was speaking about, my contract was at an end, and it is at an end, and I am a free agent.”

Sanchez says he hopes to fight on the Jan. 18 card and has a perfect opponent in Anthony Pettis in mind.

“I’m waiting, I’m communicating with Sean Shelby, we know I had the ‘Showtime’ Pettis fight ready to go,” Sanchez said. “Me and Showtime Pettis are the only two 175-pound men in the welterweight division. We’re the only true weight fighters. We’re the only two that are fighting at this true weight, not cutting 25 pounds, and it would have been a hell of an exciting fight, but Sean Shelby chose to go in a different direction with that.”

So, for now, Diego Sanchez is a free agent, but he is looking to re-sign with the Las Vegas-based promotion.

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