Thursday, December 8, 2022

Joe Rogan: Deontay Wilder Has ‘Otherworldly Power’

Joe Rogan is in awe of Deontay Wilder’s punching power.

Wilder has a reputation for being a knockout artist. In the world of boxing, often times a power puncher will get outclassed by more technical opponents. Wilder has remained undefeated despite not being the most technical heavyweight. That’s because his punching power is something to behold and he somehow always finds the chin eventually.

Joe Rogan Praises Deontay Wilder

Many believe Wilder was down on the scorecards before the seventh round in his rematch with Luis Ortiz. Near the end of the round, Wilder once again scored a knockout victory to retain his WBC championship. UFC color commentator, Rogan, took to his Instagram account to give “The Bronze Bomber” his due.

“My god what a puncher! @bronzebomber might be the biggest heavyweight puncher in the history of the sport. Beautifully set up, perfect execution and otherworldly power. What a great time for the heavyweight division.”

Wilder is set for a Feb. 2020 rematch with Tyson Fury. Their first encounter occurred back in Dec. 2018. Wilder and Fury did battle in what is considered to be one of the most exciting heavyweight boxing matches in years. The bout was ruled a split draw.

Do you think Deontay Wilder has cemented himself as the best power puncher in boxing history?