Monday, October 25, 2021

Joe Rogan Says POTUS Donald Trump Was Heavily Booed At UFC 244

Depending on who you ask, United States President Donald Trump was either booed or cheered at UFC 244. It’s clear what UFC color commentator Joe Rogan remembers.

UFC 244 was a historic night. For the first and only time, a BMF championship was on the line. Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz fought for the special title, which cost $50,000 to create. Masvidal ended up nabbing the third-round TKO victory via doctor’s stoppage. Hollywood megastar “The Rock” presented Masvidal with the title.

Rogan Says Trump Was Booed At UFC 244

POTUS Trump was in attendance for UFC 244. His son, Eric Trump, claimed that the fans were cheering for his father upon his entrance. On the JRE podcast, Rogan said Trump was showered with boos (via

“They booed the f**k out of him at the UFC,” Rogan told his guest Greg Fitzgerald.

“Were you there?” Fitzgerald responded. “Cause I heard from one camp that they cheered… his son said they cheered for him.”

“Listen to Daddy,” Rogan rebutted. “I took my f**king headphones off just to listen, and it was [boos]18,000 people going [boos].”

Rogan then responded to Eric’s claim that fans were chanting “USA” inside Madison Square Garden in New York City.

“Maybe four people behind him were chanting USA,” Rogan stated. “Is that what Donald Jr. said?” Rogan mistook Eric for Trump Jr. “Listen, if that was your Dad, you’d probably say that too. Look, they booed the f**k out of him. I’m sure some people clapped. I’m sure. But if you had to bet your money on it, like what was the greater percentage, boos or claps? It was f**king boos. Dude I took my headphones off, I was right there. I could have hit [Trump] with a rock. He was right there. [Boos].”

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