Sunday, December 4, 2022

Johnny Walker Seeks to Avenge Anderson Silva Against Chris Weidman

Johnny Walker has invited Chris Weidman to join him on the metaphorical dance floor this winter and has an estimated date in mind.

After losing to Corey Anderson via TKO at UFC 244, Johnny Walker is looking to right the ship and refuel the hype train that was going strong heading into that contest. Chris Weidman also suffered a loss of the KO variety recently, his occurring at UFC Boston just weeks prior to Walker’s loss. The fighters’ timelines seem to run parallel with one another, with neither fighter suffering any injury and both men looking to return to competition around the same time. This factoid has not escaped the attention of Johnny Walker, who decided to share it with Chris Weidman and invite him to put the information to good use along with himself:

“Hey @chrisweidman, that’s funny, I also want to fight in February or March! What a coincidence! What date do you prefer? Let’s dance! ? @danawhite @Mickmaynard2. Ei Chris Weidman, que coincidência! Eu também quero ! ?  #ufc #letsdoit #ill #avange #anderssonsilva,” Walker tweeted in response to a blurb from a Chris Weidman interview where Weidman expressed a desire to return to competition in the aforementioned months.

Chris Weidman would then offer his response to Johnny Walker’s tweet within the hour:

Johnny Walker alluded to a desire to “avange” (sic) Anderson Silva, whom Chris Weidman holds two victories over. Anderson Silva was once considered the best fighter in the world by many fans and experts alike and was on a six-year tear as middleweight champion before running into Chris Weidman in 2013. Weidman knocked Silva out and then defeated him again in a rematch when Silva suffered a leg injury during the bout. A fellow Brazilian, Johnny Walker apparently remembers quite well what Weidman did to his countryman and hopes to get retribution for the spider in the first quarter of 2020.

Do you believe a bout between Johnny Walker and Chris Weidman makes sense right now?