Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Mark Hunt Reacts to Losing Lawsuit Against UFC

Just because Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against the UFC is over doesn’t mean his vendetta against the UFC is, and the Super Samoan wants to make sure the world and the UFC are made aware of that.

Following the revelation that Mark Hunt’s UFC 200 opponent Brock Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene, Mark Hunt wanted to avenge his loss in the courtroom, bringing suit against the promotion for Lesnar’s $2.5 million fight purse, but this would only result to another loss, with the Nevada court ruling against him.

Mark Hunt’s feud with the UFC escalated following UFC 200, with Hunt believing that the UFC conspired to have Lesnar compete at the event despite having a banned substance in his system. Much like his in-cage habits, Hunt would pull no punches at Dana White and the UFC for months, taking aim at the promotion with numerous grievances, including fighter safety being jeopardized in favor of steroid enabling and monopolized profits.

Hunt’s final UFC strike was thrown last December in a fight against former UFC heavyweight Justin Willis, but after his lawsuit was defeated, he would continue his onslaught on the UFC brass via his Instagram account:

“I tried to make things even on the battlefield of MMA, but again the cheating company (of Dana White and the UFC) – with all its billions they ripped everyone off – win again. Someone will die against a steroid using cheater and your s**t rip off company will be at fault, UFC,” Hunt wrote.

“I hope all you f***ers burn, filthy dog cunnnniesss???????? You can go and get fuuuuuaaaaaarrrkkkkeddd. Uwonthisbattlebutthewarwillcontinue #aliactmotherfuckers. I am not the first to sue this rip off company and sure as hell wont (sic) be the last to sue the UFC. You can’t keep ripping fighters off and run monopoly on the market. Someone’s going to put you motherf***ers down Dana White and UFC.”

Do you agree with the Nevada court ruling in favor of the UFC in this case?