Monday, October 25, 2021

Michael Bisping Blasts Nate Diaz Over UFC 244 Excuses

Michael Bisping doesn’t believe Nate Diaz saying he would have won the championship rounds against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244.

Speaking on his Believe You Me podcast, Bisping wasn’t a fan of Diaz saying his game plan was to wait until the later rounds.

“Let me tell you this and let me ask you a question,” Bisping said when discussing Nate Diaz’s post-fight comments (h/t “This is a statement and a question, let me know what you think. You go out there you say, ‘I’m gonna fight.’ You think, ‘I know I’m gonna develop a game plan where I’m gonna conserve my energy. I’m gonna turn it on in the later rounds.’ Well you go out there and this guy is coming at you like a madman, and he’s beating the f*ck out of you. He’s dropping you to the floor. He’s making a mockery out of you in front of the entire world by beating the sh*t out of you.”

The UFC Hall of Famer continued saying there was no chance Nate Diaz would have come back especially after the beating he took through three rounds.

“Let me tell you when somebody’s beating the sh*t out of you and you’re a world-class fighter you don’t go, ‘no it’s good. It’s good, I’m waiting until the later rounds,’ Bisping continued. “You fight back because that’s what we are. Inherently, we’re fighters. You’re f*cking coming at me, you’re dropping me, you’re beating the sh*t out of me. Beating me so bad to a point where the referee’s calling in doctors and they’re looking at this like they might potentially stop the fight. You don’t go, ‘Nah man I’m gonna wait for another two rounds and then turn it on.’ No, you start fighting right then and there. Once again to quote the great Mike Tyson, ‘Everybody has a game plan until you get punched in the face,’ or punched in the face repeatedly, dropped to the floor and nearly knocked out on multiple occasions. Yeah f*ck that, that’s bullsh*t.”

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