Saturday, December 3, 2022

MVP Acknowledges the Dangers of A Short-Notice Opponent

Michael “Venom Page (MVP) is not taking his Bellator London opponent lightly at all and is vigilant of the dangers a short-notice opponent presents to him in today’s main event.

MVP was originally set to clash with Derek Anderson until Anderson was forced to withdraw from the fight, opening the door for the debuting Giovanni Melillo to fill in to headline Bellator Europe 6 against Page. Many believe that the 13-4 Melillo is not a true challenge for Page due to his absence of name recognition and the fact that he will be making his Bellator debut in the bout. But Page sees things differently and feels that any short-notice opponent at this level is problematic for a fighter (Via MMA Junkie):

“It is a different kind of challenge because it’s short notice,” Page said during media day. “I have to adapt to certain things towards someone specific and, yeah, how to change for a different style.

“Everyone thinks it always benefits the person that’s been preparing but not necessarily. At the same time, there are difficulties for both sides, and he’s going to come in as the underdog. But at the same time, he’s got nothing to lose, so he can come in guns blazing, and he knows if he gets what he wants to happen that day, it’s a big ‘Rocky’ moment for him. So you have to be careful for those kind of guys.”

How MVP will deal with the challenge is by continuing to fight the only way he knows how, which is a style that is activated even before the fight begins:

“Mostly is just being MVP, but the coaches adjusted a couple of things,” Page said. “I leave it to them, like I said. I called in the scientists, and I leave it to them. It’s slightly different now. We might have to go a bit more to this side, follow this a little bit more, but in general is just you being you.

“My whole style is entertainment. Before I get to the cage, before the bell is even rung, people are already entertained by me. You already made your money. So for me, my whole package is entertainment. I don’t have to turn it on; that’s just me. My job is to get the job done in the cage, get the win, and then again everyone will be just that much happier in the night.”

Do you believe facing short-notice replacement Giovanni Melillo puts MVP at any disadvantage at Bellator Europe 6?