Saturday, December 3, 2022

Quote: If Iranian Hulk Does Fight It’s Going To Be A Disaster

Isaac Vallie-Flagg is one of the many skeptics about the Iranian Hulk’s fighting ability.

It was recently announced that Sajad Gharibi aka the Iranian Hulk, has signed with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Yet, for Vallie-Flagg, he believes the Iranian fighter won’t do well.

“I think as far as the Hulk goes, if he does fight, it’s going to be a disaster,” Vallie-Flagg said to “The dude looks like he can’t move his arms and he’s kind of puffy like a marshmallow.

“I would imagine if he can hit a guy, it’d hurt, but him catching an actual fighter and doing damage? That’s slim to none. Anybody who’s a big guy who can throw hands is going to hurt him.”

For Vallie-Flagg he believes this is a good signing for BKFC as it adds intrigue to his first fight.

“[BKFC President] David [Feldman] has got a business to build,” Vallie-Flagg said. “As soon as he announced that — whether he fights or not — the Internet kind of blew up about this 390-pound monster getting into BKFC. It’s a hell of a good marketing tool to announce that you signed a guy like that.”

The Iranian Hulk currently does not have a fight booked but it was announced he will debut in 2020.