Thursday, December 8, 2022

Quote: Jorge Masvidal Can Be ‘Very Competitive’ Against Canelo Alvarez

Jorge Masvidal‘s coach believes that “Gamebred” would surprise fight fans if he ever shares the boxing ring with Canelo Alvarez.

Masvidal turned some heads when he said he wants to break Canelo Alvarez’s face. Alvarez has won boxing gold in multiple weight classes and recently nabbed the WBO light heavyweight title by knocking out Sergey Kovalev. Masvidal expressed his confidence in beating Alvarez in a boxing match.

Mike Brown Feels Jorge Masvidal Would ‘Shock Some People’

American Top Team coach Mike Brown told that he believes Masvidal would catch people off guard with his skills if he were to box Alvarez.

“I think he can be very competitive, and he can shock some people,” Brown told MMA Fighting on Tuesday.

Masvidal has said that boxers have difficulty gauging the movements of MMA fighters. Brown believes Masvidal could throw Alvarez off.

“This is what he’s best at,” Brown said about Masvidal’s boxing. “He’s got maybe the highest fight IQ of anybody I’ve ever met. Boxing is where he’s most comfortable, (and) what he’s been doing the longest since he was a teenager. It comes most natural to him. He also has the ability to change things up and do wild and crazy things with unique footwork with things nobody has ever seen.

“I mean, he’s got an amazing [skill set]. I learn a lot from the guy. I learn things all the time. During camps when I’m training him, I’m learning new things, because he has so many other techniques and ideas that are new or different from what I’ve seen. It’s like exchanging information. I’m getting better all the time, too.”