Monday, December 5, 2022

Quote: Jose Aldo Is “Way More Dangerous” At 135

The best of Jose Aldo is still to come according to his training partner, Eduardo Dantas, who believes that Aldo’s move to bantamweight will heed positive results for the former featherweight champion and devastating results for his opponents.

After Jose Aldo lost to Alexander Volkanovski in May, he made the decision to walk away from the division he once dominated for so long and make the move down to 135 instead. Waiting for him will be former title contestant Marlon Moraes. Some people believe that Aldo will struggle to make the weight at 135 and his performance will take a hit as a result. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Eduardo Dantas believes that the move down will instead help Aldo in every facet of his game:

“Many people associate weight loss with loss of performance, but they have to look at the whole picture,” Dantas said. “Aldo always weighs around 158 pounds when he’s not training, and then goes up to 166 when in camp (for a featherweight bout), so I think it’s going to be an easy cut to bantamweight.”

“He’s faster now but with the same punching power, so he’s way more dangerous. He’s kicking hard and landing heavy punches. He’ll surprise everyone with his speed and punching power at bantamweight.

“I saw him sparring with a heavier guy (177 pounds), keeping the distance and countering. The hand landed and the guy felt it and immediately shot for a takedown. He hasn’t lost his punching power and he’s still weighing 150.”

As for his upcoming fight against Marlon Moraes at UFC 245, Dantas was not shy in offering a prediction for the bout:

“It’s gonna be a great fight and I bet all my chips on Aldo,” Dantas said. “I train with him every day since forever and have trained with Marlon, too. Marlon is a tough fighter, very explosive with his right hand and left kicks, so you have to be careful.

“It’s a clash of similar styles, but I think Aldo’s championship experience will make the difference. I expect fireworks from this fight.”

How do you believe Jose Aldo will perform at 135 pounds?