Saturday, December 3, 2022

Sonnen Criticizes Jon Jones For Trying To Justify Dominick Reyes Fight

Chael Sonnen believes Dominick Reyes is a worthy title challenger, but he feels Jon Jones looks weak trying to justify the matchup.

Many expect Jones’ next title defense to be against Reyes. UFC president Dana White said he was interested in booking Jones vs. Reyes next. Even “Bones” expressed more interest in fighting “The Devastator” over Corey Anderson.

Sonnen Criticizes Jones Over Handling Of Reyes Bout

Sonnen, who serves as an analyst for ESPN and Bellator, took to his YouTube channel to criticize Jones for taking to social media and justifying wanting to fight Reyes over Anderson.

“You have to understand what’s awkward about this, which is the fight is already made. One thing you guys should always remember if you’re ever doing business, in the world of business, once you hear the word ‘yes’ stop negotiating. As soon as the person says yes, ‘thank you,’ and hang up the phone. You’re done. So this deal is made and now Jon is still trying to justify the deal.”

Sonnen went on to say that the reality is, Jones had no say in the matter.

“There’s also a rule in politics. You never punch down. A governor may go after the president. The president doesn’t go after a lowly governor. It just doesn’t work that way. It looks silly. This is the champion attempting to justify an opponent in a match that’s already signed. Oh and by the way, that he had no say in. He’s the longest standing champion who is not injured who is licensed who does not have a next fight.”