Monday, October 25, 2021

UFC 244 Doctor Fears For His Safety After Main Event Stoppage

The doctor who stopped the UFC 244 main event between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz has spoken out.

Dr. Nitin K. Sethi is a New York-based neurologist who was tasked with overseeing the BMF championship clash between Masvidal and Diaz this past Saturday night (Nov. 2). Sethi called a halt to the bout before the fourth round began as he felt the cuts on Diaz’s eyebrow and below his eye were too damaging.

UFC 244 Doctor Reveals He’s Received Threats

Speaking to, Sethi claimed fight fans have threatened his health following the UFC 244 finish.

”I’m a very good neurologist and a very good doctor, and calling me f*cking scum online and calling my office staff and yelling at them, threatening me, I fear for my health and safety,” he told MMA Fighting. “Somebody’s going to get hurt, and it’s probably going to be me this time.

”People don’t realize what they do when they talk about these things. But that’s the hard reality of this sport.”

Sethi discussed what compelled him to call the fight before the fourth round began.

”I made an objective call based on my assessment of the fighter,” he said. “Not just the cut, but the overall assessment of the fighter (and) how the fight was going. Once I felt I could not guarantee the health and safety going forward, I had to make a tough call.

”The moment I lose my objectivity and I’m concerned how my actions are viewed by the UFC, by the fans, by the media, then I cease to be a ringside physician, and I cease to be doing my job. I have to be objective, and objectively, you make a call.”

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