Thursday, July 7, 2022

Watch: Darren Till Trains Tyson Fury In MMA

Tyson Fury has made it known he wants to do MMA and he has taken a closer step to doing so.

The boxing lineal heavyweight champion recently trained with UFC middleweight contender, Darren Till. The two share the same management team, so the connection was there for Fury to put in work.

IFL TV was there to document the two’s sparring session.

Throughout the session, Darren Till was showing Tyson Fury the ‘sprawl and brawl’ technique to defend takedowns and keep the fight standing.

Fury has spoken openly about wanting to do MMA, yet he has to first rematch Deontay Wilder in 2020 in one of the most anticipated boxing fights of all-time.

Yet, his path to MMA may be blocked given the fact that UFC president, Dana White is not interested in seeing the boxing champ do MMA.

‘Fury’s worked hard his whole life to become one of the top four [heavyweights] in the world in boxing,’ said White. ‘Why would you want to even come over and attempt this? I don’t think it ends well for him. It doesn’t make sense for his career.”

In the end, Tyson Fury is at least training MMA, so don’t be surprised if he competes in the sport.

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