Tuesday, November 29, 2022

WATCH | Jason Knight Gets Into A Fight With Two Men In A Bathroom Stall

UFC veteran and now Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter, Jason Knight recently got into a fight with two men in a bathroom stall.

The video immediately went viral. It saw two men go up to Knight and say something to him and he then threw punches. The encounter was captured by Knight’s teammate and UFC fighter, Brok Weaver.


“Y’all don’t forget to catch one of the real street kings put his toe to the line an go back to war with Artem Lobov at Bare Knuckle Championship in Biloxi, Mississippi this Saturday night. Last fight was epic an we got robbed but this fight we ain’t leaving it up to the judges. Kill or be killed mentality. Jason Knight is in the best shape I’ve ever seen him and more focused than I’ve ever seen him before. Plus he got a new weapon on his side and that’s God, and if God be for us then who be against us?” – Weaver wrote.

Knight then responded to the post with a comment saying ‘good times’ and many other fighters laughed at it. Chas Skelly said he would go help Knight and make it a 2 vs. 2.

“Hick Diaz” is set to rematch Artem Lobov in the main event of BKFC 9 this Saturday.