Thursday, December 8, 2022

Amanda Nunes Warns Shields: “I’m Gonna Wrestle the S**t Out of You”

UFC women’s bantamweight queen Amanda Nunes issues a stern warning to boxing champion Claressa Shields should Shields decide to enter her MMA jungle.

While sitting in the victory seat at the UFC 245 post-fight press conference after defeating Germaine de Randamie, Amanda Nunes was asked about a potential fight against Claressa Shields, who stated backstage that she was interested in fighting Nunes in both boxing and MMA, and Nunes laughed off the proposal.

“She’s such a liar,” Nunes said. “I don’t think she wants anything to do with this.”

Amanda Nunes feels that if she is wrong and Shields is serious about a fight, then there is only one way and one place for it to happen:

“If she want to see me, come to my world,” Nunes said. “I’m gonna be here. I’m an MMA fighter. She want to see me?  I’m gonna wrestle the shit out of you and finish you with a jiu-jitsu submission; I want to see how she’s gonna feel.

“I respect her as a boxer, but I’m an MMA fighter. I don’t want to fight boxing. I like MMA. I like what I did today. If she (can) handle that for five rounds, come see me.”

When confronted with Shields’ comments that she would like to initially fight Nunes in boxing and then take six months to prepare for an MMA fight against Nunes, Nunes’s amusement resumed.

“Six months to learn how to defend a takedown?” Nunes scoffed. “Germaine…six years she didn’t even learn how to defend takedown! You guys saw tonight.

“Like, don’t even listen to this girl, guys.”

Do you believe Claressa Shields would have a chance against Amanda Nunes in an MMA fight?