Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Andy Ruiz Jr Admits Fault in Preparation for Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr. was the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight champion for a little while in 2019. Ruiz may have shocked the world in June when he scored a TKO victory over Anthony Joshua but when returning as the champion to defend it in Saudi Arabia last weekend, it would be he who took the challenge too lightly by his own admission.

Ruiz lost the rematch between him and Joshua and afterward said he let the status of being a world champion distract from preparing for Joshua. “I was having too much fun, I was celebrating,” Ruiz told TMZ ,” I think I ate everything.” Ruiz was significantly heavier than the first time they faced one another and the speculation on how it would affect the outcome looks to have been correct.

Ruiz admitted he might have been able to keep up with Joshua’s use of his jab and distance had he not been as heavy as he was. When asked about the weight having an effect on how things went, he said, “Of course,” but feels he still did well considering he made it through all 12 rounds. “The way that I was trading back and forth, I did pretty good,” Ruiz said of his performance but wishes he “took it more seriously.”

Ruiz wants there to be a trilogy but he is not doing himself any favors by admitting his lack of preparedness. However, he says, “I want those belts back,” and says he will not make the same mistake twice. “I think from me being too big, I was too slow to catch him.”

“I just got to train harder.”

Andy Ruiz Jr. on possible third match

Ruiz does not seem to have the same rematch clause Joshua had from their first bout and he will likely have to wait for the possibility of a third shot at Joshua.

Do you want to see them do it a third time?

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