Friday, December 2, 2022

Anthony Smith: Blachowicz & “Coward” Corey Anderson Turned Me Down

Anthony Smith will not be able to attack Corey Anderson inside the Octagon anytime soon, but that is not stopping Smith from unloading on him in his personal time.

Anthony Smith believed that the road to a title shot for Corey Anderson ran through him. Apparently, Anderson begged to differ, with the #5-ranked light heavyweight agreeing to fight #6-ranked Jan Blachowicz at UFC Fight Night 167 as he pursues a title shot. Anthony Smith understands the rationale for Blachowicz accepting the fight but questions the logic of Corey Anderson. Smith believes Anderson’s choice says a lot about his manhood, given the claim that Anderson turned him down even though Smith is ranked three spots ahead of Blachowicz.

“I think it’s a silly fight, to be honest. Both of those guys were offered fights with me in the last two and a half weeks,” Smith said in an appearance on MMA Tonight. “Both of them turned it down. I understand. I’m not gonna give Jan any grief for turning the fight down because he turned it down to chase Corey Anderson. I understand that. He’s got a loss to him. He wants to avenge that loss.

“Corey Anderson is a coward. He had every opportunity in the world, he begged me for a fight when I already was matched with Jon Jones. After he beat Latifi, he’s constantly talking shit, constantly calling me a middleweight, that I’m not a real not a real light heavyweight….he had the opportunity…not once, not twice, but three times in the last month since his fight, and turned them all down.

“So he passed up an opportunity to fight someone higher ranked than Jan and didn’t want it. So I think it doesn’t make any sense for him to fight someone…he could have fought the #3 guy. Why is he going down to fight Jan? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. “

Do you agree with Anthony Smith? Does Corey Anderson accepting a fight against Jan Blachowicz make no sense?