Saturday, December 10, 2022

Bellator Champion Douglas Lima Disappointed With Rory MacDonald’s PFL Signing

Douglas Lima admits he’s a bit surprised and disappointed that Rory MacDonald has left Bellator.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Ariel Helwani was able to confirm that MacDonald signed with PFL. MacDonald’s Bellator contract ran out after his Grand Prix finals bout with Lima back in October. MacDonald had a six-fight stint under the Bellator banner and went 1-1 against Lima.

Lima Expresses Disappointment In MacDonald’s PFL Signing reached out to Lima, who defeated MacDonald in their rematch to claim the Bellator welterweight title a third time.

“I’m a little bit disappointed,” Lima told MMA Junkie. “It definitely did surprise me. It was unexpected. We had a close first fight, second one was a little better, but not as exciting. I thought we were going to do the third fight. But whatever. I got the belt. That’s what I wanted. It wasn’t about revenge or anything. I just wanted my title.”

Lima has quickly realized that the chapter of him sharing the cage with MacDonald is now over without a trilogy.

“The first fight is what changed me the most,” Lima said. “It was so close, it was a battle. So much more things I could’ve done, but I didn’t because of a mental block that I had there. But you learn from fighting, and it kind of changed me and it helped me so much. I definitely learned a lot more from fighting him than anyone else in the first fight. I showed that through the tournament, then I beat him in the rematch. You learn something from everyone in every fight, but Rory was the most, for sure.

“I have to be thankful for him. He taught me a lot in our first fight. I’m never going to forget that. It really helped me in my career just being in the cage with him all that time. But it’s over now. That chapter is closed.”