Monday, November 28, 2022

Chael Sonnen Believes Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington Rematch Makes Sense

Chael Sonnen thinks Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington 2 makes sense following UFC 245.

In the main event of UFC 245, Usman and Covington settled their rivalry inside the Octagon where it was “The Nigerian Nightmare” who TKO’d “Chaos” with 50 seconds left. Yet, Covington complained about the stoppage, so Sonnen believes the controversy leaves the door open for the rematch.

“This thing did end in a little bit of controversy,” Chael Sonnen said on his YouTube channel (via “Colby certainly didn’t agree with the stoppage. I’ve seen a lot of mixed martial arts fights and I’ve seen that position. Colby’s down like on a double where he’s a little sprawled out and Kamaru’s doing a good job with the hips. He’s finding the target a little bit but Colby’s blocking it. I’ve just seen that position. That’s a fair statement by me and I have never seen a mixed martial arts contest end in that position. That’s a true statement by me.”

Sonnen says he thinks Marc Goddard made a good decision. But, how exciting the fight went and the bad blood between the two leads to a rematch being booked whether or not it is immediate or not.

“When they pulled them apart, Colby jumped up and he wasn’t happy about it,” Chael Sonnen continued. “I don’t know how much time was left. There must’ve been right around that 60-second point and it’s all done. I guess the reason I mention the controversy is, it is very clear that Kamaru Usman is the best fighter in the world. It is as equally clear that Colby Covington is the number one contender.

“I mean this was a dog fight to the highest of levels where things did start to unravel. You had an athlete in Colby who was trying to come back. You had a referee who did a very good job. He was making a decision on fighter safety. But there was enough there that if somebody says, ‘Hey we wanna see five more rounds of that,’ whether it’s immediately next or something has to happen in between, yeah. You’re gonna have a hell of a story that was told.”