Friday, December 2, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says Winner Of Khabib vs. Ferguson Will Be Lightweight GOAT

Chael Sonnen believes fight fans will know who the greatest lightweight of all time is by the end of UFC 249.

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will defend his gold against Tony Ferguson on April 18. The title bout is set to headline UFC 249 inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. This will be the third time Nurmagomedov puts his 155-pound gold on the line.

Sonnen Names Winner Of Khabib/Ferguson Lightweight GOAT

Drake Riggs caught up with Sonnen, who said that it’s difficult to deny calling the winner of the UFC 249 main event the lightweight GOAT (via

“It’s very hard to say that [the winner] wouldn’t be,” Sonnen said when asked if the victor of the fight will be the lightweight GOAT. “Khabib probably has that claim already, particularly if you narrow it down to lightweight. If you were to just say the greatest ever, Khabib still has an argument, but I don’t know if he would win it. When you’re 28-0 in any division, you claim that division, particularly when you’re the world champion, and he already got some heavy lifting out of the way on the way to the title. You go back and look at the names he beat… 10-8 rounds against guys. Two or three 10-8 rounds against [Edson] Barboza, just as an example. I mean, this guy is a hammer.”

“But you are talking about Tony Ferguson,” Sonnen continued. “That’s whole ‘nother animal. He’ll attack you from the back, he’ll attack you on the walkout. You don’t know what Tony Ferguson’s going to do. I would never count him out. I think that your math is right. Whoever wins that fight is the best ever.”