Saturday, December 3, 2022

Colby Covington Admits Not Feeling Comfortable At ATT Due To MAGA Shtick

Colby Covington has made quite a few enemies and some of them are in his gym.

Covington has turned heads for better or worse by revving up his trash talk. “Chaos” has made things personal since dialing up his MAGA gimmick. He’s called Brazilian fans “filthy animals,” although some chalk that up to an old school wrestling promo, he’s taken shots at the death of Kamaru Usman’s former manager, he’s hurled nasty digs at Mike Perry’s girlfriend, and the list goes on.

Covington Not Comfortable At ATT

In a move that perhaps wasn’t ideal for the folks at American Top Team, Covington ended up feuding with teammates Jorge Masvidal and Dustin Poirier. This has caused a rift between “Chaos” and other members of ATT. Covington admits things aren’t all rosy at the gym (via ESPN).

“I don’t feel comfortable,” Covington says. “I feel like I always have to look over my shoulder. I have to watch my back. I don’t know if people are gonna come up and try to attack me. I’ve had people yelling in the gym at me, creating scenes and stuff. It’s not a good environment for me there.”

ATT owner Dan Lambert says Covington has nothing to worry about at the gym.

“Colby doesn’t need to watch his back at our gym,” says Dan Lambert, owner of American Top Team and Covington’s agent. “He might need to watch his back just about anywhere else he goes as a result of what’s happened. … There’s pros and cons to being who Colby is and that just might be one of the things he needs to deal with moving forward.

“I think Colby thrives on that chaos,” Lambert continues. “[‘Chaos’] is his nickname and appropriately so. I think it pushes him to go harder at those people and at the gym.”

Covington is set to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title this Saturday night (Dec. 14) in the main event of UFC 245.