Monday, June 27, 2022

Evander Holyfield Asks Dana White To Let Him Be Part Of Zuffa Boxing

Former boxing heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield has asked UFC president, Dana White to be a part of Zuffa Boxing.

Zuffa Boxing which was expected to launch this fall has hit a speed bump and has been delayed. So Holyfield says he wants to help launch it and be part of it.

“I think, Dana White, he had proven it when he did the Mixed Martial Arts, he knows the stuff,” Holyfield said to Sirius XM (via “I think that with him and the way that he do things, it could be big. Hopefully, if he do it, let me be part of it.”

He knows his experience in boxing will help make Zuffa Boxing one of the top promotions. Evander Holyfield doesn’t care what capacity he is helping out on as long as he is part of it.

“I just think that if thing is going to grow for him, he has to have people who have been the very best. People tend to come and pay more attention when you have people like myself and maybe Floyd Mayweather, anybody who has been world champion, who was good, and there was no doubt that they were good fighters. This kind of draw to attention that makes things a little easier than it would if you think you can just do it yourself.”

With Holyfield showing interest and Floyd Mayweather saying he’ll come out of retirement for it, Zuffa Boxing appears to be in good shape once it launches.

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