Sunday, November 27, 2022

Fighter Suffers Gnarly Arm Break At Combate Americas 53 (Video)

A fighter on the Combate Americas 53 card was on the wrong end of a horrific arm break.

Combate Americas 53 was held in Lima, Peru this past Friday (Dec. 20). Lightweights Milko Tucto and Salvador Becerra collided on the main card. In the opening frame, Becerra was trying to defend a takedown attempt from Tucto. Becerra ended up being lifted in the air and extended his arm in an attempt to break the fall.

Instead, he suffered a nasty arm break when he landed on the canvas. Needless to say, the fight was stopped immediately.

Here is the footage of Becerra’s gnarly arm break courtesy of Grabaka Hitman. WARNING: The clip is graphic.

MMA News wishes Salvador Becerra a full and speedy recovery.