Saturday, December 3, 2022

Firas Zahabi Says ‘Nutcase’ Georges St-Pierre ‘Can Kill Anybody’

Firas Zahabi believes Georges St-Pierre has the right amount of crazy in him that he could kill anyone.

Zahabi is St-Pierre’s longtime coach at Tristar Gym. While St-Pierre retired earlier this year, Zahabi still believes “Rush” is an animal who will be ready if he decides to make a return. St-Pierre hasn’t competed since Nov. 2017 when he submitted Michael Bisping to capture the UFC middleweight championship.

Coach Feels GSP Can Kill Anyone

Zahabi appeared as a guest on the JRE MMA Show and he told Joe Rogan that despite retiring, St-Pierre is still a man on a mission (h/t

”All the time, man,” Zahabi responded. He’s a machine. Dude, I’m telling you, if Usman or Colby gets injured…. Well, I dunno, I don’t want to speak for Georges. But man, he can kill anybody, this man. He’s the world’s greatest martial artist. I think so. I’m telling you, he’s a monster. He’s an animal. He loves to train. Like Saturday, he trained, he did all his rounds, then he was coaching some blue belts and purple belts and just kinda hanging out with them talking technique. He loves this stuff, man.”

”He’s such a nutcase, Georges. He’s crazy,” Zahabi continued. “He always tells me ‘So many crazy characters in MMA.’ You’re the craziest one of all! ‘Oh, no!’”