Friday, December 2, 2022

Frank Mir Admits Being Upset With CM Punk’s UFC Debut

Frank Mir has admitted that CM Punk’s UFC debut rubbed him the wrong way.

Back in Sept. 2016, Punk stepped inside the Octagon to take on Mickey Gall. The former WWE champion had no combat sports experience, but he was able to sign with the UFC thanks to his drawing ability. Punk ended up being submitted in the first round.

Frank Mir Was Bothered By CM Punk’s UFC Debut

Former UFC heavyweight champion Mir spoke to Chris Van Vliet and admitted that he didn’t like how the UFC brought in Punk (via

“I was upset when CM Punk got to have a UFC fight for his debut,” Mir stated. “Well if all of a sudden my first ever pro wrestling match I jumped into AEW or WWE [they would say] what an assh*le! So just on my name I jump out there. I’m not gonna look very good, I’m not going to do a great job. And what does that say to all of the guys who have worked? Have wrestled for fifty fu*king bucks, you know? I mean like it’s kind of a spit in their face.”

Mir said he wasn’t mad at Punk, he just didn’t like the idea of a spot being used up over some more deserving.

“Now I was the one upset before when the guy [Punk] came over my sport and just took another [fighter’s spot]…that was my problem. I wasn’t mad at CM Punk for getting that opportunity. I was mad because it took the opportunity away from somebody else.”

Punk was given another fight under the UFC banner back in June 2018. He dropped a unanimous decision to Mike Jackson at UFC 225.