Friday, December 2, 2022

Glenn Robinson’s Daughters Respond to Colby Covington’s Remarks

The daughters of Glenn Robinson have issued a response to Colby Covington’s inflammatory remarks towards their late father.

At UFC 245, Colby Covington will challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship. And as Usman himself has acknowledged, there is no line that Colby Covington will not cross in the names of self-promotion. Perhaps no finer example of this is when Covington stated that the late co-founder of Usman’s team, the Blackzillians, would be watching UFC 245 “from hell” after dying from a heart attack brought about by Usman “ducking” him. Usman has shrugged off the comments, and America Top Team owner Dan Lambert has done the same. But the late daughters of Glenn Robinson, who requested their names be withheld, did have something to say that they wanted Colby Covington and the rest of the world to hear.

“It saddens us to even have to make a statement regarding a previous distasteful comment Colby Covington made suggesting our late father, Glenn Robinson, will be watching his upcoming fight from hell,” the daughters began in the letter to MMA Junkie. “However, after careful thought and consideration, on behalf of our family, we feel it is necessary to defend our father’s name.

“The death of our father is still very raw. Our family is still grieving from his loss, so imagine the hurt we felt to hear such hateful words recklessly said about our father.

“We understand the excitement of building up hype before a fight, but we are sure Colby Covington can get press for his upcoming fight on his own merit and without spewing hateful words towards our father, the founder of the Blackzilians. In fact, our father was the exact opposite of a hateful person. He gave countless opportunities to many people, both personally and professionally. He consistently put everyone else’s best interests before his own. Our father died too young, but we can proudly say he accomplished more during his short life than many others do in a full lifetime.

“Lastly, we did not want to make this statement or to breathe more life into someone that truly has no relevance in our lives, but we will always defend our father, his reputation and his name, the one we share proudly.”

–Written by the daughters of the late Glenn Robinson

UFC 245 takes place December 14 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, streaming live on ESPN+.

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