Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jessica Eye Attributes Weight Miss to Her Visiting Cousin Flo

After missing weight by five pounds for her UFC 245 bout against Viviane Araujo, Jessica Eye is revealing the main culprit for her miscalculation: her cousin Flo.

UFC 245 was the first time in Jessica Eye’s career that she missed her mark on the scales, but she was able to boost her spirits with a victory over Viviane Araujo during the UFC 245 Fight Pass Prelims. The reason for the miss, Eye says, was due to a certain pesky visitor (Via Cageside Press):

“Missing weight, in my fourteen years as an athlete, I’ve never missed the mark on that,” Eye told reporters after her UFC 245 win. “It was something I miscalculated. Lucky me, I got my special cousin in town today. If you don’t know what that means, every other female does.”

After trying to go the discrete route, Eye would become much more direct and explicit about who…or what her cousin is.

 “Let’s dig into the female body for a minute,” began Eye. “We have a period every four weeks. When you’re dieting heavy, a female’s body starts to change. So things get really messed up. Sometimes it can push your period off or it can pull it forward. We knew based on our calculations that I was supposed to get my period this week. And sure as sh*t I did.”

Visitor or not, at the end of the day, Jessica Eye acknowledges that the onus was on her to be a professional and make the weight, so she is not shunning her accountability for failing to do so. “I’m ashamed of myself,” Eye admitted.

What do you think of Jessica Eye’s explanation for why she missed weight for her UFC 245 bout against Viviane Araujo?