Friday, December 2, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Makes Hard Pitch for Floyd Mayweather Fight

Jorge Masvidal’s dream fight for 2020 is against Floyd “Money’ Mayweather, and he believes that the fight makes as much sense as it would cash.

Jorge Masvidal is looking to reap the biggest rewards he can after being arguably the fighter of the year in 2019. Now that he has already had the biggest payday in his career against Nate Diaz at UFC 244, like most businessmen, Masvidal is now even hungrier to increase his profits. Dana White has publicly stated that Conor McGregor is interested in a fight against Jorge Masvidal after fighting Donald Cerrone, but Masvidal believes that there is a fight that would do even better business than him and McGregor.

 “Me vs. Mayweather,” Masvidal told TMZ before going into details as to why he wants this fight.  “…I can box my ass off. I’m not saying I’m a better boxer than Mayweather, but, man, I’mma be in there with bad intentions trying to hurt him. I’m a well-conditioned athlete that’s not gonna fade. I’m not gonna fade in the eighth or ninth round. I’m gonna be there for the whole night. So I want to get into the biggest, toughest, roughest fights possibly that I can and make a paycheck on them as well.”

Jorge Masvidal would then address the CEO of The Money Team directly, using logos to persuade Mayweather to accept the fight, provided the 42-year-old boxer is still looking for challenges.

“If you’re looking for a fight, I’m right here,” Masvidal continued. “If you’re looking for an easy paycheck, then go back to Japan and beat up those little guys, man. Mayweather’s done so much. I could never discredit so much. I could never discredit that guy. He’s done tremendous things. I’ve grown up watching the guy. He’s a hell of a star. If he wants to fight someone that’s gonna come give it his all and try to execute him and get him out of there…because that’s the only thing I’m trying to do is turn his lights off…it’s me, man.”

What are your thoughts on Jorge Masvidal’s pitch for a fight against Floyd Mayweather?