Sunday, November 27, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Won’t Allow Kamaru Usman To Big-Time Him (Video)

Jorge Masvidal has fired back at Kamaru Usman for playing the “big-timing” game.

Masvidal’s popularity has undoubtedly soared in 2019. With finishes over Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz, more fans have gotten to know who “Gamebred” is and they like what they see. One person who seemingly hasn’t been impressed is UFC welterweight champion Usman, at least that what it sounded like once UFC 245 wrapped up.

Masvidal Checks Usman For Big-Timing Attempt

Following his UFC 245 victory over Colby Covington, Usman appeared on the ESPN+ post-fight show. When asked if a title defense against Masvidal was possible, Usman responded by asking, “Who?” It was a game of big-leaguing on the champion’s part, but Masvidal may have “The Nigerian Nightmare’s” number on this one.

Here is “Gamebred’s” video response.

Hans Molenkamp released multiple clips of a Masvidal phone call. During the call, Masvidal said he’d embarrass Usman.

“Before I could even challenge for this belt, this is what a lot of people don’t know. A lot of people say that I’m an overnight success story and this and that. I say f*ck you. I say I’ve been here 16 years. You can do the math on how many nights of staying up, no sleep at the gym to finally get here. And now they’re saying that this one dude, this old dude from Africa is the best guy at my weight. I beg to differ man. I think I’d embarrass him to the point that people, they’d think that I went full heel on him from just the embarrassment I’d give him on TV because our skillsets are nowhere near the same. And if you’re hearing this right now and you’re thinking Kamaru has a chance, you’re the f*cking casual because my lineage runs 16 years back of being in this f*cking game.”