Friday, December 2, 2022

Kamaru Usman Wants to Beat GSP to Tie Welterweight Record

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman does not discriminate. When it comes to future opponents who will challenge him, he is willing to face whomever the UFC  deems worthy. But if he had it his way, there is one inactive fighter that would be his first choice: Georges St-Pierre.

Georges St.-Pierre has not competed in the UFC since 2017 and not in the welterweight division since 2013. Before stepping away from the division, though, St-Pierre compiled a UFC-record 12 consecutive wins during his reign of dominance as welterweight champion. With Kamaru Usman knocking at the door of tying that record of consecutive victories, currently holding 11 straight wins after defeating Colby Covington at UFC 245, he could think of no one better to tie the record against than St-Pierre (Via MMA Fighting):

“Honestly, I’m an equal opportunity guy. I don’t really care who it is. If I had to choose, of course I wants Georges [St-Pierre],” Usman told TMZ Sports recently. “I want GSP. One more win and I tie him for most consecutive wins [in the welterweight division] and how sweet would that be to actually get that win off of him?

Georges St-Pierre retired from MMA in February but has said that he would come back to fight again for the right fight, namely against lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Usman feels that if a fight between himself and GSP took place, the fans would have a lot to look forward to due to how the two match up stylistically and for what the bout would represent for the sport:

“That would be an extremely exciting fight because I think we are the two hybrids of the welterweight division. Since the welterweight division has been going on, I think he and I are the two hybrids. When he came on the scene, he could do it all – systematically break guys down to make the fight look easy. I just think that I’m a better level of that. I’ve got the power, I’ve got the cardio, I’ve got the strength, I’ve got the speed. So I think it’s a big, big, big fight, and all due respect to Georges, but I think I finish him.”

Would you like to see a fight between Georges St-Pierre and Kamaru Usman?