Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Marlon Moraes Isn’t Worried About Jose Aldo’s Weight Cut For UFC 245

Marlon Moraes isn’t expressing concern over Jose Aldo’s weight cut.

This Saturday night (Dec. 14), Moraes will take on Aldo on the UFC 245 card. This will be Aldo’s bantamweight debut. While Aldo has always made the featherweight limit, his struggles at that weight class are well-documented. Many fear that moving down to 135 pounds will cause more problems.

Moraes Unconcerned With Aldo’s Weight Cut

MMAJunkie.com spoke to Moraes ahead of UFC 245. The number one-ranked UFC bantamweight said Aldo’s weight cut doesn’t concern him.

“People always like to talk about anything,” Moraes told MMA Junkie on Wednesday. “People always like to make a big case. Of course he’s having a tough cut. I’m having a tough cut. Everybody is having a tough cut. It’s not easy. We all cut weight. We all get drained and get lighter. That’s me; that’s him. It’s about the performances. It’s about who comes out Saturday night.

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m making weight, and I think I have a very good feeling – his team’s a great team – he’s going to make weight, too. If he wasn’t going to make weight, he wouldn’t come to Las Vegas all the way from Brazil. So everything is on point. You guys are going to have a great fight. Don’t worry about that.”

Do you think Jose Aldo will be able to maintain the energy we’re used to seeing when he drops down to 135 pounds?