Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Stefan Struve Discusses Controversial Loss To Ben Rothwell: ‘Changed The Entire Course Of The Fight’

Stefan Struve returned from a brief retirement to battle Ben Rothwell at UFC Washington D.C.

Early on, Struve was having success and looked as if he would coast to a decision win. Yet, Rothwell connected on two hard low blows that kept Struve down for nearly the entire five minutes allowed. But, the “Skyscraper” decided to continue to fight and was TKO’d shortly after the second low blow.

Now, after having a full day to sit on it, Struve took to his social media to discuss the controversial fight.

“I don’t complain about the stoppage,” Struve wrote. “I’m frustrated that 2 (unintentional) illegal blows take away my focus in a fight that I was clearly controlling and winning, and because of that I miss out on a big win bonus.”

Stefan Struve then responded to several other fans tweets about the low blows and believes the fight should have been a no-contest.

“Whatever you throw you are responsible for,” Struve added. “Ben knows I don’t blame him because I told him, I believe he had no intention of landing them where they landed. Doesn’t change anything about the result of those kicks tho, they still changed the entire course of the fight.”

“No it would have been a no contest,” Struve continued. “2 full rounds need to be fought in order to go to a technical decision. So if it happened in the 3rd, it would’ve been different. All of this doesn’t matter tho, my point is just how frustrated I am because I was doing great until the low blows.”

With the loss, Stefan Struve fell to 29-12 as a pro and is now 1-4 in his last five fights.