Thursday, December 8, 2022

Uriah Hall Slams Darren Till for Calling Himself 185’s “Money Man”

Uriah Hall has taken exception to the new kid on the middleweight block calling himself the “money man” of the division Hall has toiled in for over six years.

Darren Till has made quite a name for himself during his UFC stint, which up until last month was exclusively in the welterweight division. Now after moving up to middleweight, Darren Till has made a name for himself: “The Money Man”:

“The people forget the fighter I was before I got knocked out,” Till said in an interview with BT Sport. “Forget the Woodley fight. People forget the fighter I was, what I done to the best striker in the UFC, Stephen Thompson, where I calm and calculatedly beat him, nearly knocked him out. Look at the performance he’s just had, or before that (Donald Cerrone), or before that all the European stars I was just taking out, or before that when I was in Brazil just taking names, or even before that. So now they’re all just calling me out. I’m the money man in the division.”

After becoming aware of Till’s comments, veteran UFC middleweight Uriah Hall had something to say about Till’s self-naming ceremony:

“So I heard @darrentill2 said something about he’s happy that all the middleweights are calling him out lol and he’s the money fight.. bro you’re like the guy that skip’t the line at Starbucks we just all want to beat your ass for it,” Hall tweeted.

Darren Till skipped the middleweight line, but he demonstrated that he’s more than capable of lingering around the division for longer than a cup of coffee after defeating top contender and former title challenger Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 244 last month. As for Hall, the 15-9 middleweight is currently on a two-fight winning streak, most recently defeating Antonio Carlos Junior in September.

What’s your take on Uriah Hall’s reaction to Darren Till calling himself the “money man” of the UFC’s middleweight division?