Saturday, December 10, 2022

WATCH: Double Knockdown Leads To KO In MMA Bout

An MMA bout under the ECE banner ended in a wild double knockdown with one fighter being knocked out cold.

Eder Lopes and Diogo Neves did battle and the ending was nothing short of wild. Both men connected with heavy hooks simultaneously and they went down to the canvas. While Lopes was able to gingerly make his way back to his feet, Neves was out cold. As a result, Lopes was awarded the knockout victory.

See the finish below courtesy of Mikey Thomas.

In the past, we’ve seen double knockdowns on a big scale, but it’s quite rare. An example of this was Matt Mitrione vs. Fedor Emelianenko back in June 2017. Both men knocked each other down at the same time, but Mitrione was able to recover to put Emelianenko to sleep with ground-and-pound.