Friday, December 2, 2022

Alexa Grasso Moving Up To Flyweight After UFC 246 Scale Fail

Alexa Grasso will be changing divisions after her recent weight-cutting mishap.

Grasso was scheduled to take on former UFC strawweight title challenger Claudia Gadelha tonight (Jan. 18). The bout would’ve been featured on the main card of UFC 246. That plan blew up in smoke during the early weigh-ins.

While Gadelha was able to make weight at 115.5 pounds, Grasso tipped the scales at 121.5 pounds. That’s over five pounds overweight for the strawweight limit. The Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to allow Grasso to compete, canceling the bout.

Alexa Grasso Reveals Change In Weight Class

In an apologetic statement, Grasso announced that she will be making the move to 125 pounds in an Instagram post.

“I want to apologize to Claudia Gadelha and the UFC. I know this is a fight all were waiting a lot, including me. I trained very much for this and I did everything to lose those pounds.

The commission did not allow our combat although my opponent and I agreed with the sanction this implied for me. The doctors did not allow me to compete. You don’t know how difficult it has been lately to keep me in this [weight] class. It was not a lack of discipline because even if I do not have a fight I’m ALWAYS on diet.

I turned 26 and my body is not the same, I am growing and I am in this biological process where my metabolism is changing. I have lived in recent years to the limit of what a body needs to be healthy, and yet I have always fulfilled my obligations. Let’s not talk about a flu or if my period is crossed because that added to the diet had made the [weight] cuts a real suffering.

I never complain or tell these things because I am not that kind of person and I always show you my best attitude. My team and I have decided that the smartest and healthiest thing to do is to be in other [weight] class. With all the respect that it deserves and of course pain in my heart I say goodbye to the strawweight division 115 LB.

This year has a different goal for me and I officially move to Flyweight 125 LB. I know that at this weight I will be healthier and stronger giving my body all the nutrients it needs.

Thanks to all the people who support me, my Lobo team and my coaches who are with me every day and know that what I do is completely a commitment to my sport and my career.

I start a new stage in my life!”