Sunday, May 22, 2022

CM Punk Dismisses Logan Paul’s Callout

CM Punk has no interest in sharing the cage with YouTube personality, Logan Paul.

Punk has given MMA competition a go but he has gone 0-2. The former WWE star suffered a submission loss to Mickey Gall and a unanimous decision defeat at the hands of Mike Jackson. Punk has since signed on with FOX for their WWE Backstage show.

CM Punk Shuts Down Logan Paul Callout

Back in November, Paul said Punk would be no match for him during an interview with TMZ Sports. Here’s what Paul had to say (h/t Dexerto).

“I think I would destroy CM Punk if I’m being honest” the YouTuber confidently answered. “I don’t know if anyone would disagree with that. …not think [I could beat him]. I know I could.”

TMZ Sports caught up with Punk, who dismissed Paul’s callout (via

“No,” Punk flat-out said when asked if he would fight Paul in MMA.

While many believe Punk would be in for a big payday if he fights Paul, it’s simply not on his radar.

“My definition of big money and everybody else’s definition of big money is completely different,” Punk said.

Do you think CM Punk will ever have an MMA bout again, or is he done fighting?

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