Thursday, December 8, 2022

Donald Cerrone Refuses to Stop Taking Risks Ahead of UFC 246

Donald Cerrone is stuck in his ways of living life on the edge, even when arguably the biggest fight of his career is just weeks away.

Donald Cerrone’s thirst for adventure has been well documented. In fact, in 2018, Cerrone detailed an experience in which he almost lost more than his career, nearly losing his life during a cave-diving expedition. Whether somewhere underwater, hovering in the sky,  or out dare-devilling in all the land in between, Cerrone is up for whatever, likely to the chagrin of the UFC, especially ahead of the hyped showdown between Cerrone and Conor McGregor at UFC 246, but there’s nothing they can do to stop him from living life on his own terms (Transcript via MMA Fighting):

 “There are clauses [in my contract,] like I can’t ride horses, but I ride horses all the time,” Cerrone explained in his “More Than a Cowboy” documentary series. “There’s a bunch of things in the clause – you can’t ride motorcycles, can’t jump mountain bikes – but I have never not shown up to a fight in my life. I’ve never missed weight. I’ve never been injured and not made it. I’ve been injured and still fought, of course. But I’ve never called and said, ‘Oh I can’t make it,’ or you call me with an opponent and (I) say, ‘Man, I just don’t know if that guy’s really going to work for me right now.’

“The answer’s always yes, and we show up and we fight, so I think they just let ‘Cowboy’ be ‘Cowboy,’ because I’m f*cking coming no matter what.”

As the record holder of the most wins in UFC history, Donald Cerrone has proven that he puts in the appropriate amount of work in his career, but when it comes to training camp and the time leading up to a fight, Cerrone doesn’t forget to play just as hard as he works, if not harder.

“I’d be one miserable son of a b*tch if all I had to do was wake up and train,” Cerrone said. “Go to bed, think about training, that would drive me through the roof. When you’re out on those mountain bikes, or you’re out playing paintball and we’re shooting the guys and we’re riding the horses, riding the snowmobiles, it’s just a release.

“You just let everything else go and you just focus on that one moment or that thing that you’re doing, then we come back and we train and we keep playing harder.”

Should fans and the UFC alike be worried about Donald Cerrone’s lifestyle ahead of UFC 246?