Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Donald Cerrone Says Fighting At 170 Was Conor’s Idea: ‘Now We Get To Go In There & Have Fun’

Donald Cerrone is very happy that Conor McGregor asked for their UFC 246 bout to be at 170 pounds.

Cerrone has a tough time getting to lightweight and McGregor says he doesn’t care to cut weight for this fight. For ‘Cowboy’ he says not having to cut to 155 pounds will make the fight more entertaining.

“He just took the edge off,” said Cerrone in his documentary series “More than a Cowboy.” (via MMA Junkie). “A lot of cutting that weight, … making it to fight week is just battling the weight cut, but now we get to go in there and have fun. Oh, man. Thank you!”

Although the bout is at welterweight, that was not always the plan. Originally, the fight was scheduled for lightweight until McGregor asked for it to be at 170.

“That was Conor’s idea,” Cerrone said. “We were already gearing up, trying to get down towards 155, and he said let’s do it at ’70 and I was like, ‘Done. Okay’. It never mattered to me – weight never mattered to me either.

“The only problem me fighting … when I was up at ’70, are those guys are big. Big, big. I’m like 177 right now, 178, and that’s like eating whatever I want. I think he wants to enjoy the holidays with his family and eat and drink, get in there and have fun, so I don’t blame him. Why not?”

Regardless, Donald Cerrone is happy that Conor McGregor wanted it at 170 and is eager to share the Octagon with the Irishman.